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Everyone desires a fuller looking head of hair when suffering from thinning hair, alopecia, male pattern baldness and female thinning hair. Some suffer from thinning hair due to changes in hormones, stress, or medical issues.  Hair-Now hair building fibers you can easily achieve your desired look in 30 seconds by building and thickening each strand of your hair. Hair-Now will conceal the thin areas of your hair and is safe to use on a daily basis leaving users with the appearance of thicker looking head of hair.

 Hair-Now is available worldwide, and we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Hair building fiber products claiming to have Keratin

Some cosmetics manufacturers claim to make hair products that contains Keratin to strengthen hair or promote hair growth. However, the cells in hair follicles make all the Keratin protein that they require from amino acids supplied Via the blood. So how does adding Keratin to Hair Building Fibers present any purpose, value, or benefits? In our opinion it does not.

You be the judge

We at Hair-Now do not claim to have Keratin in our product, nor do we believe that products that claim to have Keratin in them add any value to the product as it would have to be added to “Hair Building Fibers” that are simply made from ground cotton fibers that are in competitors Hair Building Fiber products.

Keratin what is it and is it useful in Hair Thickeners ?

Keratin is the structural protein found in hair and skin. It is found as the outer protective layer which is hard to penetrate. It is formed from smaller molecules - amino acids – circulating in the blood. Keratin in hair thickeners plays zero role on helping the body make more hair. In fact since some people appear to be allergic to non-human keratin it can be a disadvantage. The ingredients in Hair-Now do not include any keratin.