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Everyone desires a fuller looking head of hair when suffering from thinning hair, alopecia, male pattern baldness and female thinning hair. Some suffer from thinning hair due to changes in hormones, stress, or medical issues.  Hair-Now hair building fibers you can easily achieve your desired look in 30 seconds by building and thickening each strand of your hair. Hair-Now will conceal the thin areas of your hair and is safe to use on a daily basis leaving users with the appearance of thicker looking head of hair.

 Hair-Now is available worldwide, and we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

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Eden Health Products

The Cream

The Cream Pain relief cream contains many of the ingredients that cartilage utilizes to maintain elestacity and constricting strength. The soothing cream is quickly absorbed into the skin to help in relieving the pain and can be used safely, as often as needed.

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Emu Oil

The OIL is manufactured out of 100% natural, deep penetrating Emu oil. It aids in the relief of back pain and pain associated with arthritis. Emu oil has anti-inflammatory properties to help the user feel better all over. The healing properties of Emu oil are well documented with a history of use for the past 2,000 years.

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Emu Oil Gel Capsules

The Cap 1,000 Gel caps is a combination of Glucosamine, Chondriotin, Manganese, pure natural vitamin E, and nutritional grade Emu oil that contains Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) necessary for a healthy body.

EFAs are involved with producing life energy in our bodies from food substances, and moving that energy throughout our systems. They govern the growth, vitality, and mental state. They combine oxygen, electron transport, and energy in the process of oxidation. Oxidation, the central and most important moment-to-moment living process in our body, is the burning of food to reduce the energy required for life process. EFAs play a part in almost every function of our body. Gel caps have helped ease bodily problems associated with IBD and Chrons.

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